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Installation -

After unzipping the file, move the WOMPS directory to wherever you like on your machine. Next, double click on the WOMPS.exe file and you will be prompted that no folders were found and it is creating them for you. It will create 3 folders in the same location as the .exe file.

Configuration –

To configure, click on the configuration button and enter your SMTP server and port (port defaults to 25 as it is the norm). Next enter the server's name. Basically the server's name is placeholder for the email to print <servers name>’s New Releases, so it can be anything you want. The Home directory is not changeable at this time but is listed for convenience. Enter who is sending the email in the "send from" and then add as many recipients as you like by entering the email address in the "send to" box and clicking “Add”. “Show Extended Properties in Email” will show information about the file itself (size, type, and last modified) in the email that is sent. The last check box will enable or disable logging. The current log file can be viewed by clicking on “Log File” and the past 7 days can be viewed in the Configuration folder in the programs home directory.
The last section allows you to add the directories that you want WOMPS to check. Click the “Add” button next to the “Directories to Monitor” section and another window opens. Use the select button to navigate to folder you would like WOMPS to check. Please read the next section on file naming to understand the “File name Separator” and “Date Separator” text boxes. Hours to go back is when WOMPS run how far to you want it to look back for files. 24 will look back 24 hours from the time it is ran until now, and find all the files where their last modified time is between that timeframe. Show Type or API Source, denotes which API should be used when monitoring this directory. Currently is the only one, which can only match TV shows. Movies will be added shortly. Click “Add” to add the directory to monitor, add as many as you like.  Lastly click "Save Configuration".

File Naming –

WOMPS is looking at the file name to gather information and the system and tries to give some flexibility in this. The best file name would be i.e. ‘The Simpsons – 08x16 – 02_23_1997”. The three elements are divided by a dash and this is the “File Name Separator” (can be changed in configuration section). The first element must be the show’s name. That will be used to find information about the show. The 08x16 section is the season number and the show number and these are not used. The next is the Air Date of the show. This is needed so WOMPS can correctly identify the episode and if not there, WOMPS will only give information on the series. It has to be in a month – day – year format and the character that divides the numbers is the “Date Separator” (can be changed in configuration section). If WOMPS can’t find the date in the file name it will also try and use the files last modified date. It will also subtract a day and try that as well, and continue to subtract a day and retry 4 times.

Automation –

To automate the process, use the task scheduler and have WOMPS run as often as you like. For augments, in the task scheduler enter ‘run’ and this will tell WOMPS to run, process the directories and then close back down.

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